My name is Matthew and I am an Undergrad at WCU. I am majoring in Molecular Biology with two minors in Chemistry and Forensic Anthropology. I have many interests which you will no doubt look upon in this blog of mine.



Home alone, time for a one-woman musical show, starring

  • me as Elphaba
  • me as Javert
  • me as the Phantom
  • me as Jean Valjean
  • me as Marius
  • me as Cosette
  • me as Glinda
  • me as Eponine
  • me as Raoul
  • me as Boq
  • me as Firmin
  • me as Andre
  • me as Nessarose
  • me as Christine
  • me as Carlotta
  • me as Fiyero
  • me as Enjolras
  • me as Fantine
  • me as the orchestra
  • me as the conductor

And lastly: me as cheering audience